I'm Shannon - I was born in Vancouver and grew up in Penticton, BC. My formal education began in Kinesiology which led to policing in the City of Edmonton for nearly ten years.

Upon meeting my husband, we began living and traveling throughout the United States and Europe. My experiences in Europe - the natural landscapes, cityscapes, and vivid colours - drew my interests toward painting. Admiring countless artists' work enabled me to study what I wanted to create. My focus then turned to expression through abstract painting.

Art has fostered in me a continuous love of learning. I believe there is no right or wrong way to paint. I focus on light, colour, and depth, often using texture. I use many layers of paint to create something rich and interesting - using only fine acrylic products.

Most often I am drawn to earthy tones and inspired by waterscapes. While I am also drawn to the cityscape, and enjoy street works and art with a more industrial flair. All of my pieces are described as modern contemporary and are displayed in show homes, offices, and private home collections.

I currently reside in both Kelowna, BC and Calgary, AB with my husband and two young children.